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    By using Cryptophone - focus on conversation and don't worry about interception or hacker's attack.


GSMK CryptoPhone 500i

The GSMK CryptoPhone 500i is a secure mobile phone with 360° mobile device security for secure messaging and voice over IP communication on any network. It has hardened Android operating system with granular security management and streamlined, security-optimized components.

Baseband firewall protects against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity, baseband attack detection, and automated initiation of countermeasures. Also, two-layer storage encryption system protects data at rest against unauthorized access.

The GSMK CryptoPhone 500i enables you to put the trust where it belongs – in a trustworthy, open and scientific verification process. GSMK CryptoPhone encryption technology is based on strong, well-researched algorithms combined with key lengths that provide peace of mind today and in the future.

Technical specification


Designed and made in Europe, the CryptoPhone 600G is based on high quality, robust hardware specifically developed for professional users in commercial structures, government organizations and international institutions.

These features cater to the requirements of institutional clients needing to ensure the integrity of large fleets of mobile devices. The new security features will further strengthen the competitive edge of GSMK’s 360° protection design, and strengthen our position in the valuable market segment of professional users.

Technical specification

Use cases

  • For the Businessmen

    In the modern world of scientifically-technical progress - it is very important to pay attention towards speed and level of the high technologies. One of the sector of fast developing is wiretapping. The well- known fact that one of the constituent of the successful business is confidentiality of information; therefore for contemporary businessman is very essential to have the Cryptophone to conduct negotiations while using cellular telephone.

    Competitive struggle in the business or criminal factor can be the initiators of wiretapping of any business negotiation, which conducted over the standard GSM-telephone. Even the small leakage of information at times may carry threat to entire business. By owning the Cryptophone, businesspersons can conduct important negotiations without fear of potential danger to be tapped. With the Cryptophone you get full guarantee that all your conversations will remain confidential.

    There is no more necessity to waste your time for private meetings or for use of the coded designations, Cryptophone will safe your time and will ensure safety of information worldwide.
  • Corporate Security

    In a global economy, business success requires information to be exchanged securely and reliably across network borders. International corporations face the challenge of securing a global network of branches, departments, subsidiaries, partners and project teams around the world.

    Whether the challenge is to manage a global supply chain, protect periodic R&D conference calls across continents, or consult with dispatched project teams in remote areas, GSMK CryptoPhone products allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that company confidential information and trade secrets remain just that – confidential.

    NGOs and PGOs face the challenge of fulfilling their mission in the face of difficult environmental conditions and limited resources, all the while needing to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of communications among their staff.

    While some staff work from a fixed base, others must perform their work in remote areas or under conditions in which they cannot rely on a local network infrastructure.

    From offices in large city agglomerations to remote field hospitals, an NGO or PGO can securely interconnect staff members using GSMK CryptoPhone products.
  • Institutional Clients

    Governments need to run large, complex communication networks that must provide reliable platforms for classified information. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, must rely on a global transnational network to transport sensitive information between the Ministry at home and embassies and missions around the world.

    Many of these will be capable of communicating over multiple communication channels including satellite.

    To meet these needs, GSMK can provide a comprehensive secure communications system that is customized to a client’s individual requirements.
  • International Organizations

    International organizations have a wide range of missions and tasks to fulfill in an equally wide range of organizational and legal frameworks. No two international organizations are alike. Each individual mission requires great attention to detail to ensure that the communications infrastructure that is to support this mission is up to the task, that it can be easily scaled when needed, and that it can adapt to changing requirements over time.

    Years of successful collaboration with many high-profile international organizations have made GSMK uniquely qualified to provide modern, reliable, and most of all secure communication systems with 360-degree protection that meet the needs of these organizations for twenty-first century secure communications systems.

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